December 31, 2014

Ways Clogged Gutters can Damage Homes

There’s a reason why experts are exhorting the use of gutter guards to better prevent clogging. Clogged gutters are a nightmare. Here are a few ways clogged gutters can cause serious damage on homes.

Ice dams – Probably the most obvious one on this list, ice dams are the scourge of homeowners in locations where winter hits hard. When ice dams form on gutters or the lower edge of the roof, water on the roof can accumulate and easily seep into the home’s interiors. When this happens, wood rot and mold could follow suit.

December 28, 2014

Rain Gutter Covers Now Compatible with Self-regulating Heat Cables

As a leading developer of effective gutter solutions and a premier manufacturer of rain gutter covers, GutterDome, Inc. continues to implement innovations aimed at helping customers get the most value out of its products and services. With the onset of winter, the company is pleased to remind clients that any GutterDome product can now be professionally installed with a self-regulating heat cable on a composition shingle roof. This option is intended to address the abundance of snow and ice this season. Since the chilling climate can lead to hoarfrost-coated roofs and even gutter blockages, the addition of a heat source to the gutter can prevent the unwanted build-up of ice and pave the way for a more efficient removal of frost.

December 26, 2014

Minimizing Gutter Cleaning Work

When you're weary of having to regularly clean your gutters, you might have thought about doing away with them altogether. Sadly, removing your gutter isn't an option.

The International Residential Code doesn't specifically require gutters, but it does mandate the construction of a drain piping system in homes through which rainwater and melting snow can flow from the roof on to the ground. The lack of any system, especially on the roof, can cause water to infiltrate the nooks and crannies of your home and promote mold growth, water damage, and the deterioration of your home’s foundation. Gutters offer the most effective means of draining water from roofs.

December 14, 2014

Leading Gutter Covers Manufacturer Adds 9 More Dealers to Its Network

As an industry-leading roofing solutions developer and premier gutter covers manufacturer, we at GutterDome, Inc. continue to nurture our relationships with local merchants to help an ever-increasing number of clients experience first-hand the manifold benefits of our high-reliability debris-deterrent designs. As such, we are pleased to announce that we have added nine more dealers to our network of distributors in the second quarter of 2014 alone. Covering five states, the newly minted traders have been licensed to carry GutterDome, Inc. products to address the sustained demand for our renowned gutter systems. More than anyone else, we are aware of just how much of a pain (and even danger) cleaning out detritus like twigs, dead leaves, and other organic matter from this part of the house can be.

December 12, 2014

Gutter Protection Products Manufacturer Gets 3rd United States Patent

Renowned gutter protection products manufacturer GutterDome, Inc. has successfully managed to add another feather to its cap with the recent approval of one of its patent applications: On June 24 of this year, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued the roofing solutions developer’s third United States Patent (#8,756,868). This distinction marked another milestone for the innovations-driven company, which has made it its mission to provide ever-improving products to its diverse client base. Coming hot on the heels of the approval of its application for an eaves trough detritus-deterrent appliance, the company’s third patent covers its state-of-the-art siphoning technology and revolutionary gutter guards.

December 10, 2014

Get a Free Estimate on Gutter Guard Installation from GutterDome!

Tired of dealing with dust, leaves, dirt, ice, and other things that clog your rain gutters every year? Then you need to call GutterDome right now and have someone install gutter guards on your home! Unlike some competitors, we provide you with a free gutter guard estimate. That’s right: a free estimate! Clogged rain gutters do more damage to your property than you might think. The weight of all that debris, waste, and other materials won’t just cause your gutter system to eventually fall apart; it will also damage your fascia board and soffits in the long run. A clogged gutter is a dirty gutter—one that attracts the attention of rodents, birds, and other pests. You can inspect and clean your gutters every fall, which is the best time to perform these tasks, but it would be wiser to call a gutter guard installation company that offers a permanent solution.

December 8, 2014

Preempting Ice Dams with Roof Gutter Guards

The winter season brings about a lot of environmental changes, the most evident of which is the presence of snow. Snowy weather might be a great way to set the mood for the holidays, but it can do a number on homes ill-equipped for the extreme cold. A home’s roof, in particular, can succumb to destructive ice dams if its gutters are not prepared to deal with the frost.

December 1, 2014

The Importance of Having Gutter Systems

Take a walk around your block and you probably won’t even notice any home’s gutter system. Instead, you’ll probably take notice of your neighbor’s well-designed slate roof, a strategically placed dormer window, or innovative and eco-friendly solar roof panels.

November 25, 2014 GutterDome Gutter Protection Product is Incredibly Useful

In the course of their daily lives, fathers do a lot of things like travel, play and watch sports, cook and buy food, and fix broken toys and electrical wiring. This means that dads have a unique way of seeing things, especially when it comes to solving home problems like clogged gutters. At, fathers all over the world come together to talk about life and provide reviews of products that catch their eyes. This is why it means so much to us that our gutter protection products have been recommended as “incredibly useful” in one of reviews.

November 24, 2014

Clogged Gutters will be a Thing of the Past

If raking leaves from the yard doesn’t exactly rate high on everyone’s favorite chore list, what more cleaning them out of the roof’s gutter? It’s either you clean it yourself or pay someone a hefty sum to do it for you. If you’re unwilling to do either on a regular basis, then you might want to install a gutter guard instead.

November 23, 2014

More and More Dealers Carrying our Excellent Gutter Guard System!

Our gutter guard system promises to deliver a permanent solution to an annual problem: debris-clogged gutters. However, we know that this dilemma persists not just in our home state of California, but also in all regions of the country. That’s why we at GutterDome, Inc. strive to make our tried-and-tested product available to as many consumers as possible.

November 21, 2014

Trusted Roof Appliance Manufacturer Offers Quality Rain Gutter Covers

GutterDome, Inc., a trusted roof appliance manufacturer, continues to create and distribute high-quality rain gutter covers that enable homeowners to protect their roofing systems against damage caused by debris filling and clogging. The company’s products include GutterDome GD45 and GutterDome GD67, which are two of the most popular and durable roof protection appliances it makes and carries.

November 19, 2014

Patent Granted for Renowned Gutter Covers Manufacturer’s New Invention

The United States Patent and Trademark Office, on March 25 of the current year, approved the patent application of GutterDome, Inc. for its newest invention: an eaves trough detritus deterrent appliance. As a renowned gutter covers manufacturer, the company considers the development as a big step towards its goal of providing homeowners with a safe and easy means to protect their rain gutters from debris and clogging.

November 17, 2014

Bracing your Gutters for Winter

Winter does have its own fair share of surprises for the home, with snow buildup being one of the most prevalent. Snow, however, can bring a potential long-term danger for the house’s gutters. This will need the support of the best gutter guard system specifically designed for colder environments.

November 4, 2014

Protect Your Gutters from Fall Leaves

It’s that time of year again when trees will start shedding their leaves. During the early stages of the process, leaves change color, creating a magical atmosphere around your home. However, no matter how beautiful these leaves are, they are bound to fall on your roof, and that means they’ll pile up in your gutter soon.

Leaving piles of leaves on the roof have a serious effect on the integrity of your home. The leaves may invite the growth of mold and mildew, organisms that eat away the surface where they are growing. Moreover, the leaves gathered in your gutter can block the path of water, possibly causing clogging issues.

October 31, 2014

Other Benefits of Having Gutter Protection Systems

You’ve probably heard about how gutter protection systems can help reduce the frequency at which you have to clean out your gutters. However, that is not the only advantage a robust gutter protection system can provide your home. Here are three more benefits you might not be hearing about as often:

October 24, 2014

Why Install Gutter Guards?

Gutters are essential parts of every house, catching rain, snow and other debris that fall on the roof. Because of this, however, they constantly get clogged, leaving most homeowners disgruntled at the awaiting task of gutter cleanup.

One easy solution for this is using gutter guards. These are convenient additions to your house that give a number of benefits.

October 22, 2014

GutterDome, Inc.’s Gutter Covers Triumph over Napa Valley Hailstorm

A product of state-of-the-art innovations and superior materials, the GutterDome proved its worth as the best line of gutter defense during the Napa Valley hailstorm. Besides standing up to adverse weather, GutterDome also protects rain gutters year round, directing correct water flow while simultaneously keeping debris out such as roof grit, pine needles, seed pods, leaves and other organic matters with its gutter leaf guard. Backed by several patents, the cutting-edge GutterDome solution continues to lead the market with its advanced rain gutter protection technology. It can be installed on most roof types and gutter styles, and the company’s nearly 100 authorized dealers across the United States makes permanent elimination of gutter cleaning a possibility for many homes.

October 20, 2014

GutterDome, Inc. Patents Its Cutting-Edge Gutter Protection Innovation

Strengthening its position as a market leader in rain gutter protection systems, GutterDome, Inc. has secured a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its GutterDome gutter protection system. Entitled “Eaves Trough Detritus Deterrent Appliance,” Patent No. 8,495,837 protects claims regarding the advanced design and innovative siphoning technology of the GutterDome, which permanently eliminates the necessity for gutter cleaning.

What puts the GutterDome ahead of other systems is its curved or domed shape that delivers superior draining and siphoning capabilities, and every unit is made of high-quality, plain-weave surgical grade steel wire mesh supported by an extruded aluminum frame. GutterDome can be installed on the majority of gutters and all types of roofs. Its surface coating satisfies American Architectural Manufacturers (AAMA) standards, and is scratch-resistant, durable, eco-friendly, and provides maximum gutter protection.

October 18, 2014

GutterDome Rain Gutter Covers Support Rainwater Solutions to Drought

Amid the escalating drought inCalifornia, many organizations have presented solutions to the issue of meeting the demand for potable water. Among them, the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA)is calling for the increased use of rainwater harvesting to boost the state’s water supply. GutterDome, Inc. is responding to the challenge, offering its micromesh rain gutter covers as an effective first line filtration component for rain harvesting systems.

Using a fine, plain-weave, surgical-grade stainless steel wire mesh, the GutterDome gutter guard is designed to keep leaves, pine needles, roof grit, seed pods, small organic matter, and whirlybirds from entering rain gutters without impeding the flow of water. Originally designed to eliminate the tedious and dangerous task of regular gutter cleaning, the GutterDome gutter guard can also be used to augment the filtration portion of a rainwater harvesting system.

October 17, 2014

Why Gutter Guard Systems Need Proper Maintenance

Gutter guard systems help prevent leaves and other debris from building up on the gutters, which can impede the flow of rainwater. Critters, small leaves, and other dregs from the trees and the air can potentially clog gutters that could lead to structural breakdown from extensive water damage. For optimal functioning of your gutter guards, it’s important to have them cleaned and cleared before every season. You also need to avoid the adverse effects of clogged gutters.

October 16, 2014

GutterDome Set to Release a New Eco-friendly Gutter Guard Product

To furthersolidify its mark as the most innovative and forward thinking force in the industry, fast-growing GutterDome, Inc. will be expanding its current gutter guard linewith an eco-friendly gutter protection product planned for release in FY2015.

In recent years, the demand for eco-friendly products has createdrising popularity for them in the home improvement market. With more and more consumers becoming aware of the powerful effecthumans, as a collective,can have on the environment, people are increasingly taking a proactive role in reducing their individual impact on nature.

October 8, 2014

Water: A Silent Home-Damaging Culprit

Storms are already troublesome by themselves alone, with their gusty winds and torrential rainfall dealing all sorts of damage to a home’s exterior. Assuming your home can survive the winds, nothing could probably prepare it for the potential damage water can bring. If you think termites are the sneakiest home destroyers in the world, think again—water would be a definite heir-apparent.

October 1, 2014

Home Inspection and Maintenance Tips: Gutters

When doing regular home maintenance, don’t forget to check up on your gutters. Even if you’ve invested in reliable gutter protection systems, it’s still prudent to check your gutter surface and downspouts for clogs, leaks, cracks, or other damage. Here are some tips you can follow when running through your gutter maintenance routine:

September 24, 2014

Why You May Already Need Gutter Guards

Do you have tall pine trees growing close to your home? Chances are, its needles often clog your rain gutters—which can be bad. With clogged gutters, rainwater runoff becomes an issue, as it could end up damaging your home and its foundation.

September 17, 2014

Why Installing a Gutter Guard is Advantageous

Cleaning gutters can be very tedious, especially when something gets lodged deep inside the downspout. In order to avoid such hassles, you can opt to install gutter guards. This will not only cut the time needed to clean your gutters, but also help you avoid costly repairs and maintenance.

September 7, 2014

Keeping Your Gutters Clean Is Well Worth It

Gutters are long channels attached to your roof to help redirect water and help protect your house from water damage. Rainwater will always flow toward where it is lowest, and without an efficient gutter system, or with a defective one, the water that pools could eventually result in basement flooding and walls cracking; both of which require expensive repairs.

August 29, 2014

Are Gutter Protection Systems Worth It?

As components of a roof’s overall structure, gutters serve a practical purpose in protecting the foundations of a home by redirecting water and rain flow through channels away from the exterior walls and the foundations. They have to be cleaned and de-clogged regularly, but the task can be tedious, especially during the fall and late winter just before the rain comes.

August 22, 2014

Tips on Maintaining Your Gutter

Gutters are among the most neglected parts of a house. Like the roof and other structural components that are hard to access, the gutter often does not receive proper care. The problem is, gutters play a major role in keeping rainwater and snow from collecting on the roof and causing damages, so you have to ensure that your gutter is always in top condition. Here are some tips on how you can safely take care of your gutter.

August 15, 2014

A Buyer’s Guide to Gutter Guard Shopping

Are you tired of having to clean out your gutters? If so, you might want to consider purchasing a gutter guard system for your home. After all, you don’t have to clear your gutters if they never collect debris, right?

Of course, now you need to choose among many options available in the market. So how do you know which gutter guard offers the best fit for your home? Here’s a quick guide to help you out: