January 28, 2015

Signs Your Gutter is in Bad Condition

When unattended for a long period of time, a broken gutter can cause severe water damage to your home. Effects range from ugly paint peeling to mold infestation and weakened foundation. Before it can wreak serious havoc to your abode, it makes sense to look for the signs of initial gutter damage:

1. Collapsing gutter
The heavy weight of leaves and water accumulating in the gutter can weaken the system’s connections with the roof. This development is usually characterized by sagging, popping nails, and raised roof shingles.

January 24, 2015

Top Mistakes in Rain Gutter Maintenance

As a homeowner, you have to be cautious about maintaining your gutters. Here are the top mistakes to avoid:

Not doing it, or doing it infrequently

Obviously, the biggest mistake is NOT maintaining your rain gutters or doing it on an irregular schedule. Not making it part of your regular plans can make the gutters more prone to corrosion and other damage. Debris, pests, and other clogs may not be noticeable until they cause problems in the drainage of rainwater, so you have to inspect and clear your gutters regularly (every few months, after rains or heavy winds, etc.)

January 22, 2015

GutterDome 2014 Year in Reviews Show Higher Rain Gutter Covers Sales

GutterDome’s rain gutter appliances are made of an ecologically-friendly, premium grade extruded aluminum tempered for ultimate tensile strength and coated with clear anodizing finish to protect from corrosion. Highly effective at filtering insects, leaves, twigs, seed pods, fine needles, and other sort of debris out of the gutter with its fine mesh top, it is therefore no surprise that your #1 brand for gutter guards’ sales has skyrocketed, as reported by our 2014 year in review. After decades of experience in major and award-winning micro mesh gutter guard companies, our founder decided to venture out and create rain guard for gutters of superior quality with the use of his personal experiences, knowledge of engineering principles, trade relationship building and his keen sense of customer needs. Today, we are devoted as a company to continuously develop home solutions that will help you protect an investment as big as your own property.

January 21, 2015

Gutter Dome Offers High Quality Gutter Guard Products with Warranties

When it comes to your roof and its related systems, such as the gutters, you will want only the very best protecting your home from the elements. That is why Gutter Dome offers its quality gutter guard products with a limited warranty, to ensure that you get the most out of the protection they afford. If you have yet to have gutter guards installed, seek a dealer of our products and take advantage of the warranty we are offering. Gutter guards are extremely durable and will protect your roof’s gutters from debris such as leaves, twigs, pine needles, and so on. The protective covers, however, need to be properly installed and maintained to ensure that they work accordingly and last for a very long time. A poor installation job could render the gutter protection system useless, and would waste the homeowner’s precious time and funds.

January 20, 2015

Things that Might Clog your Gutters

Your gutters may seem incidental, but they’re vital in keeping your home’s structural integrity intact. In particular, they prevent water from damaging your home’s underlying framework, like the wooden beams that hold the roof up and the foundation that keeps the entire building stable. In the event that they might not be doing well, here are a few culprits you might find lurking within them, causing major clogs in your gutters and downspouts:

January 15, 2015

Keep Your Gutters Clean With a Little Help

One ritual that almost all homeowners have to go through every year is gutter cleaning. After all, leaves have a tendency to fall into gutters, causing clogs that may lead to leaking roofs in the future. All too often, this will necessitate frequent cleaning of your gutters.

If you’d like to reduce all that cleaning time, however, why not opt for a gutter guard? Although some dirt will still manage to enter your gutters, you’ll be keeping out the worst of any potential obstructions. Having a professional install a set of guards will ensure that you won’t be spending a lot of time on your ladder and roof checking on your gutters.

January 5, 2015

Worry Less with Effective Gutter Protection

Rain gutter protection systems are roof accessories that can enhance your roof’s performance. The practicality of using gutter protection systems is evident in the years of fortification and maintenance benefits that they can provide. Here are some of the most important ones:

Cleaner water runoff
Gutter protection systems can filter out a lot of the debris that fall on your roof. As a result, less runoff from your roof will mean less water pollution for your community.