April 7, 2015

Different Ways Clogged Gutters Can Damage a Home

Clogged gutters are just that—clogged. Right? They’re not exactly a big deal, you can just let them slide since the water will wash off the clogs in time. Not so fast. The moment you start ignoring your gutters is the moment you put your home in danger. Here are a few ways your failing gutters can put your home (and your family) at risk.

Foundation Damage – A gutter system’s main role is to keep water off the roof and away from the home’s delicate foundation. That said, a gutter clog could easily cause water to overflow, pouring out to the sides and directly on the foundation down below. Over time, this may lead to cracks and an imminent collapse of your house. You wouldn’t want the latter. At all.

Roof Damage – If you live in a locale with a rather unpredictable weather, bad gutters can cost you big time. Once water backs up in your gutters during a storm, the edge of your roof surface and everything underneath (i.e. wood linings) would suffer rot due to constant contact with water. Next thing you know, you’re looking at a pricey roof replacement.

Ice Dams – Living in a cold climate? A clogged gutter will do you no favors, either. Ice dams can form on your gutters easily, which could cause water to pool and seep right through your roof and inside your home. Furthermore, ice formations on the gutter may even be heavy enough to tear the entire gutter system off.

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