August 14, 2015

My Clogged Gutter Problem

What a frustrating situation it was when I came home from work on a heavy rainy day and saw water spilling over the edge of my gutter on the front of my house. It was almost spraying like a water fountain from the gutter. On further examination, I noticed that there was no water flowing out the bottom of the downspout at all that lead me to believe that something must be blocking the water flow. It was amazing how much water was spraying and just spilling over the gutter all over the place.

When the rain finally ended and I was able to climb up on the ladder to peek at the gutter, it turned out that the downspout cage on the gutter was completely missing. Without a downspout cage in place leaves, twigs, and anything at all is able to get trapped in the gutter since the wire strainer is not present to trap the debris while allowing the water to flow through the downspout. Apparently, I had so many leaves and other debris that had gotten trapped in the gutter that they clogged the gutter system completely. With this clogging the rainwater was not able to flow through the gutter at all and therefore the water was just accumulating and flowing over the edges of the gutter as well as spraying all over the place as I had witnessed when I got home.
The Fix
In order to fix this problem I had to climb up on the ladder to clean out all the debris that had accumulated in the gutter. Since my downspout cage was missing altogether, once I completed the cleanup I had to go out and buy another downspout cage that I firmly reseated into the downspout hole to keep this same scenario from happening again.
From what I understand there are new no-clog rain gutter systems on the market today that will alleviate these types of problems from ever happening again. Just think - no more climbing ladders, cleaning out yucky debris, or unsuspecting problems with gutters. Now that would be a system well worth looking into. I plan to research and find the best gutter guard system on the market today and, once I do, there is no doubt in my mind that I will definitely purchase it!!

Story shared by Gerry Adcock, Michigan